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Boarding Services

Overnight accommodation selections range from large indoor/outdoor runs to smaller "crate" sleeping quarters for those little one's comfort. All accommodations are temperature controlled, with maid service throughout the day. We provide lambs wool bedding; however, if your pet has their own bedding please feel free to bring it.



At Rover's Ranch, our guests dine on Iams chunk or mini-chunk food and have water available 24/7. Some of our guests prefer to bring their own food in sealed containers. There is no extra charge for any special diet needs of our guests.

Our staff is trained in administering most types of medications. Please advise our care handlers of any medication requirements your pet may have while staying with us. There is a small charge for this service.

A Day at the Ranch

A typical day at the Ranch for our overnight guests starts in one of our large play areas where they can stretch and take care of their morning "business". Once our guests have finished breakfast, it's time for the fun to begin. Guests enrolled in our "Group Play" sessions are carefully assigned to a play group consisting of other boarders and those guests that arrive for play-day camp. The supervised "Group-Play" sessions are rotated continually throughout the day. A flat daily fee of $4.00 per day is all it takes to help your best friend have an exuberating day and develop important socialization skills. Some of our clients prefer a one-on-one interaction setting for their pet. The Ranch offers individual play-time for $6.00 per day.

It is our belief that dogs, just as children need love and structure to survive. Each day at 1 pm, it's nap time, where each guest can have a little quiet time to catch some zzz's. Our staff returns from lunch at 2 pm, when everything starts all over again, but instead of breakfast, it is the dinners that we are preparing! At 6 pm, all of our guests are snuggled in for the evening, most probably dreaming about the day's excitement!

Reservations are highly recommended in advance for peak/holiday seasons. Rates vary based on size and in some cases, the breed of our guest.